General Information to Yatrikas!

  1. Wherever the tour is by train, the participating members should be at the Chennai Central Station or at the Chennai Egmore Station, as the case may be, one hour before the departure of the train. The name of the train, Train No. and the departure time will be intimated to the participating members well in advance before the date of departure.
  2. Members are requested to bring the minimum required clothes for the tour. (less luggage more confort) Every member should bring with them one steel plate, tumbler, water bottle, umbrella, nylon rope, small plastic bucket, lock & key, first aid medicines as may be required, and torch light.
  3. Every member may bring a full arm sweater, shawl and blanket depending upon the places of visit during the tour and also depending upon the time of the year when the tour is conducted.
  4. The food is prepared by South Indian Brahmin Cooks. Daily morning coffee, breakfast with coffee, lunch, evening coffee and night meals or tiffin will be served according to the time, place and situations. In the case of any problems with the served food, the members are requested to contact the organiser of the tour who will do his best. Under no circumstances, the members should contact the cooks directly. Members are requested to extend their utmost co-operation in this regard. Packed food will be served during the train journey.
  5. During the train journey, you are requested to give your name, age and other details to the train ticket examiner as discussed with the tour organiser. In the event of any wrong information furnished at the time of booking for the tour, the penaly, if any, levied by the railways should be borne by the yatrikas. Senior citizens must bring a photo copy of their age proof.
  6. Religious rites may be performed by the members at Kasi, Gaya, Triveni Sangamam etc during the Kasi Tour and at Mathru Gaya during the Pancha Dwaraka Tour and also at Kapala Pindam at Badrinath. The charges in this connection has to be borne by the participating members. Arrangement of Prohits, help and guidance will be provided by the orgainser.
  7. After the payment of the advance amount, if any member is unable to participate in the tour, the amount paid will not be refunded. Any other member selected by them will be accommodated in the tour and the advance amount will be adjusted at that time.
  8. Kindly note that you are undertaking a religious tour. Hence you are requested not to expect too much of comforts during the tour. Our ultimate aim is to worship the Almighty and seek his blessings. The organiser will do all his best for basic conforts. Kindly bear with us for any small inconveniences that you may experience while on tour.
  9. The Organiser reserves all rights to reschedule or alter the tour programs due to any unforseen circumstances beyond his control and his decision in this matter will be final.


1. We also organise and arrange for qualified prohits to perform religious rites at Kasi, Gaya, Triveni (Allahabad) etc. for persons ( for a minimum of 4 persons and above) who are interested in undertaking a tour to Kasi and Gaya by themselves. The approximate charges for performing the reiligous rites will be Rs.7000/- at all the places. Persons interested to avail of the services may contact the organiser by Phone/Email.

2. We also arrange and help in car and van rental and mini bus services for people who wish to undertake trips for personal reasons, functions etc.